Authority of the Believer Pool Of Bethesda Healing SeriesIII CDs

Authority of the Believer Pool Of Bethesda Healing Series III CDs
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Authority of the Believer It is time we begin to walk in our authority and experience the abundance God has promised! Your healing is an accomplished fact, and this invaluable series will show how you can make the promise of healing a reality in your life. This is a real faith builder that takes the   mystery out of the healing process. You can learn God's will regarding healing in your life!

For too long we have neglected God’s plan for salvation which includes healing. For too long we have believed what others have said when it comes to healing. It is time we  explored for ourselves these issues and prayerfully make our conclusions based on our study of the word. It is time we studied for ourselves some of the difficult Scriptures. It is time to stop preparing people for disappointment!


 In this series we will look at;

Dominion and the Tongue

Dominion and the Tongue pt. 2

The Power  of Declaration and Decree

Insecurity: How to Know if You or Someone Else Has It

How To Overcome Insecurity

Self Pity



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