Don't Just Love them Tell Them by Sid Roth MP3

Don't Just Love them Tell Them by Sid Roth
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Don't Just Love them Tell Them by Sid Roth We live in a time when God is reaching out to His Jewish people and drawing them to Himself as He has not done in the past 2000 years. So be confident that you are doing His work when you reach out to share Messiah with a Jewish person. You could tell them how you love Yeshua’s Jewishness and that you are learning about the Sabbath and the Feasts (if you are). Mostly, just love them. Don’t fear talking with Jewish people and even if they argue with you, don’t be put off. Just gently answer. I would have argued with you too at one time, but what I really wanted was answers to who He was. I just didn’t know what to ask and wasn’t sure I was “allowed” to even ask about Him. There are many Jewish people out there who are having thoughts and even longings to know Him and don’t have a category for it. Go and speak to them and trust the Holy Spirit to lead you. Remember, this is His plan. You’re just His spokesperson. Rely on Him to speak through you. ~ Sid Roth

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