Insecurity: How To Know If You or Someone Else Has It MP3

Perverting God’s Justice By Bob Campbell
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We are often surprised at who suffers from insecurity. This is one issue most all of us admit we have to some degree but are uncertain of insecurity’s impact on others. We often assume that those whom we see as having what we think would give us security have no insecurity issues. This is because we are self focused which is a bi-product of insecurity. Many believe that their insecurity can be    overcome if they get that one thing they lack, the right weight, the right look, the right car, the right house, the right spouse, the right job, the right relational connection, financial success, popularity, power, prestige, credentials, etc. Getting security in one area only causes the pressure to build in another area because we are caught in the trap that things, others, and opportunities can bring us security. When we get there we are still who we are, broken and in need of security. There is only One who can give us the   security we need, Jesus! He is ever ready to respond to the cries of our heart.



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