Pictorial Life of George Washington by John Frost from 1847

Pictorial Life of George Washington
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When in the progress of the world's affairs, a great work is to be accomplished, the reformation of religion, the discovery of a new world, the subjection of barbarous nations to the mild sway of civilization, the resistance of political oppression, or the founding of a great republic, it appears to be the order of Divine Providence to raise up and prepare a great man for effecting the object. Such a man was George Washington. He was the chosen instrument for laying the foundations of the republic on whose prosperity and perpetuity the hopes of human freedom rest..." Excerpt from Chapter One. Originally published in 1848, Pictorial Life of George Washington: Embracing a Complete History of The Seven Years' War, The Revolutionary War, The Formation of the Federal Constitution, and the Administration of Washington by J. Frost is now back in print for your family to treasure and enjoy. This gorgeous reprint features an embossed hardback cover with a full-color image of the young George Washington in British uniform and crisp clean pages displaying the original work of J. Frost's tribute to our first President. There are more than 600 pages of captivating history featuring more than one hundred engravings and illustrations of the remarkable life and times of George Washington. Embossed Hardback 600+ Pages 100+ Engravings Illustrations Author: J. Frost Originally reprinted in 2009, the historical nature of this classic treasure has not been altered to ensure capturing the authentic manner in which it was originally printed.
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