Shoot The Mule CD Larry Bizette

Shoot The Mule CD Larry Bizette
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Larry Bizette shares insights from the life of General  Patton and then relates their application to our lives. The 2nd Armored Division tanks had been delayed by a peasant with a mule cart, Patton upon discovering the holdup ordered “Shoot the mule!” Larry  exhorts us to overcome the enemy of our souls with the tools He has given us! We are more than Conquerors!

Larry Bizette is the Pastor of Baton Rouge Christian Center Church in Baton Rouge , LA.   The church began in July, 1990 and is a network church under the Christian International Network of Churches.  Larry was ordained by Bishop Bill Hamon and the Board of Governors of CI in June 1990.  He  currently serves on the Board of Governors for CI, and is the Apostolic Overseer for the CI Gulf Coast Regional churches.  He also serves as an Executive Board Member of the Christian     International Business Network, and is a Member of the Board of Directors of Christian International Ministries Network.  Larry is a team member for the development of the Christian International School of Business and Government.  Larry worked in the banking industry for 20 years as a Senior Vice President and Branch Administrator.


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